Authorized Absences Request (Request for Incompletes) due to COVID-19

The College encourages all students to attempt to complete their fall 2020 semester when possible.

In some cases students may be unable to complete some or all of their fall 2020 courses due to health issues, particular personal situations, family or childcare responsibilities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In such cases students may request an authorized absence (request for incompletes) so there is no academic penalty for not completing their course(s). Please note, where an incomplete (IN) is granted, students are then required to re-take the course, or an equivalent, in a subsequent semester.

Students who are unable to complete their fall 2020 semester due to the issues listed above relating to the current pandemic, and who wish to submit a request for incompletes, must send an e-mail to Students must indicate “COVID-19 IN” in the subject line of their e-mail. The body of the e-mail must include student’s full name, student ID number as well as a brief description of how the request relates to the current pandemic. An electronic form to fill in will be sent to the student. The Registrar’s Office will process such requests until January 15, 2021. Please take note of the deadline, as this simplified process will not be available after January 15, 2021.

All other authorized absence requests not relating to the current pandemic must follow the standard procedure in place. Contact: for more information, or consult the John Abbott College website: