Smoke or Fire

If you notice the beginning of a fire or detect smoke, FIRST ENSURE YOUR SAFETY, then:

  • Pull the fire alarm pull station and call JAC Securityfire-extinguisher-100
  • Remove or evacuate any persons in the immediate proximity of the fire
  • If safe to do so:
  • Close off the area of the fire (close windows and doors)
  • Use a fire extinguisher on the fire

When the alarm sounds:

When a fire alarm signal is heard, it indicates that all occupants must evacuate the building using the nearest exit.

As soon as an alarm signal is heard, occupants must:

  • Be attentive to any messages given over the intercom
  • Remain calm and evacuate immediately using the staircases only
  • Do not use the elevator
  • Follow the Area Wardens’ instructions
  • Follow the evacuation procedures

Once outside

  • Go to the designated gathering points gathering-point-100
  • Stay in groups, at least 30 metres from the building and wait for further information.