Student Union John Abbott College (SUJAC)

John Abbott College Students Lead the Way
In a campus-wide referendum in 2007, students at John Abbott College gave their overwhelming support to increase their fees by $10 per semester over the next five years.  In total, they will be contributing over $500,000 to the Building Futures capital campaign, which represents a whopping 10% of the $5 million goal. This outstanding commitment demonstrates that Abbott students truly appreciate the education that the College provides them.

The student contribution will support the construction of the new Science and Health Technologies Pavilion, as well as many other student areas on campus, including the cafeteria and student meeting areas.

At the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new building on August 31, 2010, David D’Arienzo, Internal Vice-President of the Student Union of the College commented: “As students, we were pleased to do our part for the Campaign.  We hope it inspires others in the John Abbott College community to follow.”

The Trottier Family Foundation

Lorne Trottier – Sharing his Passion for Science for Generations to Come
Over the years, Lorne Trottier has shown his commitment to John Abbott College as a long-standing board member of the John Abbott College Foundation, and as a loyal annual donor. More recently, The Trottier Family Foundation committed $2 million toward the construction of the College’s new Science and HealthTechnologies Pavilion, which is set to open its doors in 2012.

A native Montrealer, Mr. Trottier earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and master’s degree in engineering from McGill.  He pursued a career in electronics, as the Co-Founder of the Matrox Group of companies. It is his passion for all things scientific that motivated his generous gift.

“When I was about 11 years old, a new friend introduced me to the world of electronics. I went to the library and started reading every introductory book I could find, not only on electronics, but also on science in general. That bug to understand what’s going on, from the point of view of what science teaches us about nature, has stayed with me all my life.”– Lorne Trottier, Trottier Family Foundation

Mr. Trottier spearheaded the effort to make the building LEED’s-certified, with a geo-thermal energy system. The Foundation is grateful for the generous donation from the Trottier Family Foundation in the name of encouraging and fostering a thirst for knowledge in the field of Science for generations to come.

Foundation Desjardins

Cooperating in building future
Named Best Corporate Citizen in Canada for 2012, Desjardins Group is the leading cooperative financial group in Canada with 5.6 million members and clients. In keeping with our cooperative nature, our goal is to ensure the economic and social well-being of our community. It is in this spirit that Desjardins has agreed to be a Major Donor of the John-Abbott College Foundation. This contribution will benefit the Capital Campaign for the new Science and Health Technologies Pavilion. These new installations will certainly help John-Abbott College students succeed in their studies for years to come.

Through Fondation Desjardins, Desjardins also donates $5,000 a year in the form of scholarships awarded to John Abbott College students. Fondation Desjardins is a leading partner in helping the next generation achieve their dreams and ambitions. Each year, it rewards the cooperative spirit, volunteerism and entrepreneurship. In the last 40 years, Fondation Desjardins has distributed $12 million to nearly 9,300 students in an effort to encouraging them in their research, training, acquired skills and employability.

To find out more about their education and cooperation program, visit

Desjardins - Caisse de l'Ouest-de-l'Île

Desjardins – Caisse de l’Ouest-de-l’Île has contributed to the John-Abbott College Foundation since its inception in 1999. Over the years, the Caisse has donated over $100,000 to the Foundation. Moreover, it has participated in many fundraising events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, as well as awarded several scholarships and internships. Caisse Desjardins des Sources–Lac-Saint-Louis is currently a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

“The Co-Op program allowed me to apply the skills I had learned in my classes, and eventually led me to find a great job. The Co-Op program also gave me the opportunity to hold a seat on Caisse Desjardins des Sources-Lac-Saint-Louis’ board of directors.”– Zita Matay-Zambo, Co-Op Program Student.

Desjardins Group is among Canada’s Top 100 Employers with its 44,645 employees and the commitment of nearly 5,400 elected officers. Desjardins offers many career opportunities and internships in more than 20 employment fields throughout Quebec, the rest of Canada and even abroad.

John Abbott College is truly grateful for Desjardins Group’s outstanding support in promoting higher education.

Pfizer Canada

Investing in our Community and its Future
Thanks to a generous donation from Pfizer Canada in 2008, John Abbott College will be in a position to launch its new three-year pharmaceutical technology program when its new Life Sciences Pavilion opens its doors in 2012.

Pfizer donated $400,000 to the College and $200,000 to Collège Gérald-Godin to forge a partnership with them focused on the life and health sciences.  Pfizer Canada Inc. is the Canadian operation of Pfizer Inc., the world’s leading biopharmaceutical company, and is one of the largest contributors to health research in Canada.

Every day, Pfizer Canada employees work to advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures that challenge the most feared diseases of our time. It applies science and its global resources to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians at every stage of life. Pfizer’s commitment is reflected in everything it does, from its disease awareness initiatives to community partnerships, such as ours.

John Abbott College is truly grateful for the outstanding support it has received from Pfizer Canada in pursuit of higher education.