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Posted: January 10, 2020

4 Reasons to Study Abroad in Montreal

Meta description: Thinking of going to North America to study abroad? Montreal is one of the best cities you can go to! Here are 4 reasons you should study abroad in Montreal.

If you want to study in a vibrant, colourful city with plenty to offer in and out of the classroom, you should consider Montreal! Montreal is not only Canada’s second biggest city by population, but is also its cultural heartbeat—not to mention the second-largest French-speaking city in the world behind Paris. It’s also full of great scenery, landmarks, activities, and a true love of life, among other things. Luckily for you, it’s also one of Canada’s very best cities for students.

All this to say, there aren’t enough explanations for why choosing to study in Montreal is a great decision to make! Here are four reasons why studying abroad in Montreal is an excellent choice.

1. When You Study Abroad in Montreal, You’ll Experience Bilingual Culture

Montreal is known for being a bilingual city where both French and English are spoken. In fact, around 55% of people in Montreal are bilingual. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to learn English or French, or even both languages at once! Beyond the French and English influence on the city, Montreal is also very multicultural, with 23.4% of the city’s population being immigrants. This means that living and studying in Montreal can help you discover many different cultures, foods, and more!

More than half of Montrealers are bilingual

2. It’s a City with a Big Student Population

Those coming to Montreal for an international study program will be happy to know that the city is very student-friendly. Montreal and its greater area are not only home to 11 universities, but also to 60 colleges and more than 200,000 students—around 35,000 of which are international students. Montreal has also often ranked high on QS’ Best Student Cities list over the years, taking the top spot in 2017. This means that studying in Montreal means studying in a city filled with other students just like you.

3. It’s Located Closely to Several Other Major North American Cities

If you’re looking to study somewhere where you can go on trips out of town during long weekends, Montreal is an excellent choice. Montreal is within driving distance to other Canadian cities like Quebec City, Toronto, and Ottawa, as well as to major American cities such as New York and Boston. This means that choosing to study abroad in Montreal means you will have easy access to many other great places. In fact, students at John Abbott College go on weekend trips to Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, and more!

Students can visit Toronto and many other wonderful destinations!

4. The City’s Festivals and Arts and Culture Scene Are World-Famous

Montreal’s status as Canada’s cultural heartbeat comes from the city’s love of music, art, food, festivals, and nightlife. If you’re lucky enough to study in Montreal during the summer months, you can see just how the city’s arts and culture come to life. This is especially true with regards to its festivals: the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, MURAL urban art festival, and Nuits d’Afrique are some of the ones the city has to offer.

However, that doesn’t mean summer is the only time students can enjoy Montreal’s festivals and culture. In fact, there are many wonderful winter festivals, events, and activities to be enjoyed too! In March, students can participate in Nuit Blanche, a festival where many museums and activities are offered in the city during the night for free. Ski trips, skating, and other fun winter sports are also possible for study abroad students to enjoy!

What is Montreal culture like? You can see some of Montreal’s many attractions in this short video:

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