Alumni testimonials

The John Abbott College International Program has run for over 25 years, welcoming students from across the globe. We reached out and asked for feedback from our alumni such as what still has the biggest impact on them after having returned home, memorable experiences they shared with their homestay families and what advice they would have given themselves when they first arrived.

These are just a few from the overwhelming number of immediate responses received:

  • Living in other country for the first time was amazing, and I actually lived as if I was Canadian, so it meant so much for me how inclusive all my classmates were.
    Salvador Omar Acevedo Reyes, Mexico, 2016
  • I was responsible for all my actions in preparation for adulthood.
    Lourdes Cortés Velázquez, Mexico, 2016
  • After my experience at JAC, I can say that I am more independent and self-confident in what I think and what I want. I am more determined to pursue my goals and keep travelling. I am also more confident when it comes to expressing myself in English, in the academic world as well as in my daily life.
    Julia Bussard, Switzerland, 2016-2017
  • Time management, meeting new people and being open minded are 3 notable changes in my life since returning from JAC.
    Santiago Barcena Kramsky, Mexico, 2018
  • Be open to changes, talk and listen to people, don’t hesitate to try new things, enjoy every minute of this wonderful experience.
    Claire Trotti, Switzerland, 2018-2019

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