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Academic Calendar

About the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar for Day Division classes:

The 2020-21 Academic Calendar for Day Division classes includes two Wellness Days in Fall 2020. Those days are not teaching or evaluation days. Students can use their judgment to use the days in a way that contributes to their personal wellbeing, whether that involves resting up, catching up or some combination of the two. The days are part of faculty’s availability, similar to the March Study Week. The College and its services will be open for business on Wellness Days.

The 2020-21 Academic Calendar for Day Division classes also includes two Study Days before final exams for both the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters. We hope the inclusion of two days rather than one will help students to prepare for final exams, even in the event of one of them being replaced by an unforeseen school closing earlier in the semester.

We want to thank everyone who has provided input for these Academic Calendars. While not all viewpoints can be included in a single plan, we have tried to accommodate as many concerns as possible.

Best wishes,

Gordon Brown, Academic Dean, and Kim Rousseau, Dean of Academic Systems

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