The deadline to submit an online application for Stewart Apartments is MAY 1 for the Fall semester. Priority for acceptance is given to Québec residents and the general criteria for acceptance will be based on distance furthest from, and accessibility to, the College. Please note that half-year leases are not available for the Fall semester.  Inquiries concerning Winter semester applications should be directed to the Housing Office.

The first series of acceptances tends to consist of students from the Gaspé, Abitibi, Québec City, Maniwaki and Sherbrooke regions. If there are still places left, students from Hull, Aylmer, the Eastern Townships, Joliette and Shawinigan are accepted. Towards the end of the process, we do accept students from closer around the island of Montréal, such as Chateauguay, the South Shore and Rigaud.

Students accepted into Stewart Apartments will be notified by early June and sent an acceptance package in the mail. The lease will be included and must be signed by the student tenant and a parent, as cosigner of the lease agreement. The first month’s rent MUST be paid by mid-June to confirm the room assignment.

Students NOT accepted in the first series of acceptances will be placed on the residence waiting list (the order to be determined by the distance from the College) and given information about our off-campus housing list. If I am NOT accepted in the first series of acceptances, should I look for off-campus housing or just “hold tight” and hope that I am accepted in one of the later series? During the first month of school, we may have a vacancy because a student decides NOT to attend the College. At this time, we will call those students on the residence waiting list to see who is still interested and available to move in residence. A $20.00 administrative fee will apply for lease generation in cases where student accept housing but do not end up signing the lease before the arranged deadline.

Maintenance Issues
Any maintenance issues needing attention are to be reported to the Housing Office or to one of the RA’s. This may include neon lights that are burnt out, furniture that is broken or damaged, windows that do not open / close properly, appliances that have broken, etc.

Building Safety
For the safety of the residents, the Stewart Apartments residence is equipped with key card entry access systems; one located at the at the main entrance door and at the Stewart Hall entrance. Also, there is a 24/7 security presence and the residence is equipped with an intercom system located at the front door of the building. The front doors are locked to all visitors. Any visitors wishing to enter the building must dial the three digit code of the resident who they wish to visit. Residents must pick up the telephone, confirm the identity of the person and then dial “6” to admit their guest. No resident should permit entry to a person who they do not know, nor should they jam the door open to permit entry to all.