Employment Services for Students

Targeted Job Postings
We advertise part-time, full-time and summer jobs for students, as well as opportunities to work on campus. Positions may be targeted to a program or general in nature. All jobs are posted through My JAC Portal under Omnivox Services – Employment Centre-Jobs. Jobs and employers are screened to ensure hours do not exceed twenty hours per week during the school semester.

Individual Coaching
Individual appointments are available for writing resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and to practice interview questions. We support students in dealing with job search difficulties as well as difficulties with employers.

Job Search Workshops
Seminars are offered on Effective Resume Writing, Successful Interviewing, Labour Market Information, Telephone Skills and Applying online

Special Events
We organize the Career Fair in the fall for students to explore career options and the Summer Job Fair in February. We plan Mock Interview Days for graduates of Career Programs so that they may connect with specific industries, and we also welcome employers on campus to recruit for part-time and summer.

More Resources
More than jobs, we offer resources on work abroad and international volunteer opportunities, business start-up, the best job bank sites for students and recent graduates, important links to current labour market information, the laws and rights of student workers, and placement statistics on John Abbott Career Programs. Online research services are available in the Centre and on our Community page.

Online Service for ALL Students
All job postings are available through My JAC Portal – Employment Centre-Jobs under Omnivox Services – www.johnabbott.qc.ca

Contact us
Monday to Friday office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Herzberg 152
Tel: 514-457-6610 ext. 5315
e-mail: employmentcentre@johnabbott.qc.ca

Balancing School with Jobs
It has been proven that full-time students do better academically if they do not work more that 12 – 15 hours per week!

On-Campus Jobs
To be eligible to work on campus, students must maintain a good academic standing and be registered full-time. Please refer to the Hiring Policy posted in the Centre or on our website.

Student Hiring Policy

1.0 Objective
1.1 This administrative policy will assure the hiring of John Abbott students to fill student jobs* within the College, provide open competition for these employment opportunities, and foster student success by ensuring that only students in good academic standing are hired.

2.0 Policy
2.1 College departments will post all student-jobs and brief job descriptions at the Student Employment Centre.
2.2 College departments will offer student-jobs only to John Abbott registered full-time students.
2.3 To obtain or keep a job, students must be in good academic standing i.e., students must pass 50% of their regular course load as defined in their program planner.

2.4 College departments will offer jobs to the best-qualified students who fulfill the requirements. The person hiring or the supervisor may not, under any circumstance, participate in the hiring or supervision of a student who is a direct family relation (spouse, son, daughter, step son/ daughter, cousin, nephew etc…) or with whom the supervisor may have a close personal (consensual romantic or sexual) relationship.

2.5 The College department will not provide more than 12 hours per week of work to a student when classes are in session – Fall and Winter semesters.
2.6 Before any College department can hire a student, they must send the student to register at the Student Employment Centre for verification of the student’s academic eligibility**.

2.7 In conjunction with the Student Employment Centre, each department hiring students is responsible for implementing this policy.
2.8 The Human Resources department is responsible for the distribution and application of this policy throughout the College.
2.9 This policy is approved by the directors on May 10, 2011.

*Student-jobs are occasional temporary jobs offered to students in various College Departments.
**Each student applicant signs an authorization/consent form after reading the policy.