Vaccine Passport Information for Casgrain Sports Centre Users

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As of September 1st all Casgrain Sports Centre users:

  • with at least 1 dose: can continue their activities and will be required to show the date for their second vaccination appointment.
  • without an initial dose: not permitted to use Casgrain Sports Centre facilities.

As of September 8th all Casgrain Sports Centre users that are:

  • adequately vaccinated: can continue their activities
  • not meeting this requirement will not be permitted to use Casgrain Sports Centre facilities until they are adequately vaccinated and provide proof of such.


At this point in time, adequately vaccinated means:

  1. 2 vaccine doses + 6 days after the second dose
  2. Sick with Covid + a minimum of one vaccine dose
  3. Medical/health related considerations (only a doctor will be able to sign off on this)

The government issued QR code (paper or digital) must be presented to a the Casgrain Sports Desk employee upon registration.

The Casgrain Sports Centre is still operating by reservation only. To reserve your spot, please do so here:


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