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FAQs First Year College Experience

The First-Year College Experience office is part of a College-wide plan to increase academic success and retention of our first-year students. Students are welcome to drop by the office (Herzberg H-119) at designated times without an appointment to discuss academic, student life, or personal development questions. Alternatively, during this pandemic crisis, students are encouraged to reach out to the Education Advisor by way of…
  1. Message in Omnivox (MIO) directed to FIRST-YEAR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, or
  2. Email: or
  3. Phone:  514-457-6610 x 5286
Parents have an important role to play in guiding their son or daughter through the transition from high school to CEGEP. The next few years are a time for academic and personal growth leading to new challenges. Your support and encouragement are key to helping students make the most of their academic experience. Please feel welcomed to call upon us for information or assistance concerning the many available programs to help your student achieve academic success.
Access to information changes for parents once their son or daughter reaches 18 years of age. Colleges are not permitted to provide any specific information to parents. In accordance to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, it is therefore impossible to provide documentation whether on registration, transcripts, schedules, tax statements, proof of attendance, graduation, etc., or to discuss the academic progress (learner attendance, grades, etc.), without first obtaining written permission from the student. If a student is less than 18 years of age, transcripts and other information may be released to the parent(s) or guardian(s) upon written request only. The philosophy embraced by the college is one that fosters the building of a relationship and a sense of trust and respect with our students. Therefore, though the parent may have the right to information, it is generally more effective to have the cooperation of their child. For this reason, the College provides resource people to address the concerns and questions of parents. You can contact the FIRST-YEAR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE OFFICE at 514-457-6610 x 5286 for more information on our policies and supportive student programs.
Course registration, also known as schedule making, takes place in early August. By the first week in July, students will be able to obtain their specific registration date and time via the Omnivox Course Registration module. Newly admitted students will receive an Academic Advising invitation to attend a Program Registration and Information Session scheduled for Mid-June. Your young adult will discover their program planner, a list of courses to complete each term toward graduation and learn to make their own schedule for the first time.
Teachers use the LEA feature within the Omnivox portal to post grades, store course outlines, provide a detailed assessment plan and communicate course work expectations. Our students’ academic progress is carefully monitored and students who are at risk academically receive an academic progress report via Omnivox by the end of October, and another in March. The report informs students of their progress in each of their courses before it is too late to address specific needs or difficulties. Parents are encouraged to ask their young adult to view and discuss their progress report.
Your son or daughter will be expected to attend a half-day orientation session toward becoming familiar with the college campus as they learn to locate adjacent buildings and classrooms with their course schedules in hand. Students will interact with many of their teachers and staff, along with returning students who offer a first-hand perspective on managing post-secondary studies, becoming an engaged student while seizing the opportunity to explore exciting new challenges, and yes, making new friends through the journey ahead. Staying connected to the flow of vital information is key to helping your student stay informed while adapting to post-secondary studies. The use of the Omnivox portal offers continual updates on all aspects of student life such as campus jobs, sports and recreation activities, student club information, health and wellness tips, and much more.