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FAQs Psychological & Career Counselling Service

Our role is to help students cope with concerns that affect their personal development, especially when these issues are about their general mental health, family/social relationships, education, and career exploration. We are staffed by six licensed professionals (counsellors and psychologists), two social work technicians, and one counsellor-in-training, which makes us one of the largest psychological support teams in colleges in the province!
Our service provides short and medium term individual personal counselling, as well as career exploration in a small group format. We are here to listen to our students’ concerns and to help them develop insight and strategies to stay motivated and focused on their goals. In addition, we hold workshops on a variety of topics and administer the academic standing and advancement (probation) policy.
During the academic year, students are asked to first attend a 25-minute drop-in to evaluate their needs and receive support quickly after they are ready to seek help. Afterwards, further appointments can be made with a counsellor or psychologist, or there may be a referral to another resource. Drop-ins occur daily and the schedule is posted on our Omnivox Portal community.
When Counselling Services is open (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.), students can usually be seen the same day by a counsellor/psychologist if necessary. If a student or someone they know is in crisis and needs immediate assistance after hours and on weekends, we provide them with a variety of 24-hour telephone services (and other daytime services) that can help on our Omnivox Portal community.
Students seek help for many reasons. They often discuss personal issues such as feelings of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety or stress, anger, and grief; or because of family problems, or problems in their romantic relationships; or for issues such as sexual orientation, histories of childhood abuse or neglect, eating problems, alcohol or drug problems, and many other concerns. As well, many students come in to talk about lack of career goals.
In the Student Services area, located in Herzberg-138.
The easiest way to reach us is to come see us in-person, but you can also send us a MIO at “General Counselling”, or email us at
Client (student) confidentiality is protected and everything discussed remains between the student and the mental health professional. This means that parents, teachers, friends and others cannot be given any information revealed by the client without written consent to release information.
Counselling is free for all currently registered John Abbott students. There is a small fee for personality and interest testing as part of career exploration workshops.